Are you cultivating wealth?

My clients are smart, motivated people in their prime working years. Many are entrepreneurial, family-oriented, or both. I like to say they are in the "cultivating wealth" stage of their lives.

They are ready to get serious about building their financial future, but are unsure about what their next step should be, and they don't have time to figure it out.

I can help. I’m Sara Stanich, New York City based CFP® and independent financial advisor. As a Fee-only Registered Investment Adviser, I help my clients set financial goals, build and optimize their investment portfolios, develop strategies to help reduce taxes, and save for the future. A financial plan can help you make the right financial choices to support growing families, plan for retirement, grow a small business or regroup after a divorce or other life changing event.

I customize all of my services to suit your individual situation and have no incentives to recommend specific investments, companies or products. My clients have confidence knowing that they’re planning ahead to help ensure a bright financial future.

Please explore this website to learn more, or contact me to schedule a free, no obligation, consultation. Email or call 646-693-7451 to get started.

Sara Stanich, CFP®, CDFA™
Certified Financial Planner